Hale Future School

Hale Future School Provides teachers with professional development opportunities in technology and 21st Century (21c) curriculum design. Enables students to collaborate on real-world problems over distance, in a dynamic virtual classroom.

Online collaboration: A Future School virtual classroom session, between multiple WA Schools and AIS in Singapore in 2016.

Online collaboration: A Future School virtual classroom session, between multiple WA Schools and AIS in Singapore in 2016.

To offer a richly interactive online extension programme for rural students in schools and school of the air programmes across Western Australia. 

Offer a programme where rural students connect to Hale School and undertake an interdisciplinary curriculum designed to provide the technology and content for them to work with peers on tasks that inspire them to think deeply, build new knowledge, enhance their creativity and enrich their communication skills.

Hale Future School is designed on three fundamental concepts: Transformation, Collaboration, and Opportunity.


Students and their teachers become connected to a network of peers and colleagues, who participate each week in the lively interactive sessions using transformative 21st century curriculum and technologies; all provided by Hale School.


Leveraging the power of Microsoft's Office 365 cloud platform the Hale Future School programme allows educators and students from multiple schools to come together, to create, explore, and collaborate in a secure online space.


Educators become part of a rich, interactive, online extension program, which provides a reliable 21st century learning platform on which to drive innovation in their own classrooms and schools. 

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An overview of the Hale Future School Programme

Hale School's intent with Hale Future School - formerly known as Hale21 and Hale21 Future School - is to provide an exciting cross-sectorial educational environment, in which to share what we have learned in recent years with our work in online learning and 21st century curriculum design. The Hale Future School programme evolved from Hale School's lighthouse Hale@home programme; www.haleathome.com.au.

Hale Future School invites boys and girls from all schools, to participate with their teacher, in this exciting new context and expand both teaching and learning horizons. 

Our intellectual capital in this domain is extensive and our relationship with rural school communities is historically strong. Our goal is to ultimately see teachers develop extensive cloud-based networks independent of Hale Future School and allow extension programmes to take place freely without parents having to travel extensively. Teachers will be introduced to software, technological skills and strategies that will enable them to build their own online professional communities and design their own curricular. 

Who can participate in Hale Future School? 
Hale Future School caters for boys and girls in Grade 5 or 6 in rural primary schools, or school of the air programmes, who respond enthusiastically to academic challenges that require a degree of intellectual agility and provide the participants with the opportunity to demonstrate their unique understandings in creative and collaborative ways each week.

It is important to have students supported in their own classrooms with time (about 1 hour a week) and encouragement as they complete the Hale Future School tasks, although all students can log into their online journal securely from home as well. 

Michael Valentine will visit all interested schools and conduct an introductory session for teachers and students, and any interested parents, on the programme's structure, technology procedures and content. Where necessary, Hale School may also fund and supply 4G/LTE network connection (via Telstra USB devices) to boost connectivity directly to Hale School. 


For further information about the programme, or to apply on behalf or your school to become a member, please contact Mr Michael Valentine, the Director of Distance Learning at Hale School, using the details below:

Phone:  (+61) 08 9347 0185
Mobile: (+61) 0439 697 108
Email:   michaelv@hale.wa.edu.au